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Customer Spotlight - Coin Stats

02 Apr 2020

Customer Spotlight: Coin Stats

Shining a light at one of our customers and why benefits Arkane provides them. This week we are taking a look at Coin Stats a company that provides a feature-rich, user-friendly crypto tracking service that allows you to easily manage your crypto portfolio.

Feature Release 2020-03

27 Mar 2020

Feature release 2020-03

We are back with a small update. As the rest of the world, we are also impacted by Covid-19. Circumstances forced all of us to work 100% remotely and adapt our existing processes. But as the famous soccer player Johan Cruijff once said "Each downside has its upside."

Customer Spotlight - 0xGames

03 Mar 2020

Customer Spotlight: 0xGames

Shining a light at one of our customers and why benefits Arkane provides them. This week we are taking a look at 0xGames, a Cyprus based game studio, specializes in using blockchain to build games with an open economy.

Matic Network - Wallet

23 Mar 2020

Partnering with Matic, Plasma with PoS based side chains

Decentralized Apps are making huge progress but the current blockchain ecosystem is not prepared to scale as per the demand.The issues of slow block confirmations and high gas fees need to be solved if we want to target mass adoption by mainstream users. And most importantly, it needs awesome user experience.Simplifying the interaction between users and the decentralized world is of crucial importance. A vision both Matic and Arkane fully share.

Feature Release 2020-02

24 Feb 2020

Feature release 2020-02

It is been a while since we’ve publicly announced the work we have been doing behind the scenes. Even though we can’t yet reveal everything, here are a few changes we can already share with you.

How to move to blockchain?

28 Jan 2020

How to move to blockchain without changing how you work today

Over the past few years, we've heard a lot about Blockchain technology and how it will change our way of working but there are still only a few tangible real-world applications.

Don't be fooled by the appearance of not having live applications because you'll be caught off guard! It really is time to look into using Blockchain technology within your business.