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Build blockchain apps users love

Offer a Web 2.0 experience while using the power of blockchain under the hood.

Loved by developers and users

20,000+ people trust us with their digital assets.Read customer stories ->


Mislav Javor

Founder, AMPnet

"Although we could build the Ampnet platform without blockchain, we wanted to be future proof. Arkane allows us to build the platform of tomorrow, today!"


Idon Liu

CEO, Ethermon

"One of the main reasons we are using Arkane is to make it easier for new players to sign up and start playing right away. Those new players are the ones we want to reach"


Sergey Kopov


Arkane allows us to create web and mobile games for mainstream gamers on multiple blockchains, additionally to providing awesome support for us and our players.


Narek Gevorgyan

Founder, Coin Stats

"Arkane allowed us to create new revenue streams in our products and services which prepares us for a more digital future."


Josh Richardson

Founder, Bamboo Relay

"Users can access their Arkane wallet on any of their devices, allow us to offer our users a more consistent user experience. "


George Tsagkarakis

Founder, Egamers

"Arkane lowers the gap of dapps adoption by simplifying the onboarding process for non-blockhainers. This is exactly what the industry needs."

Our features, your benefits

Use us and improve your product or service even further.

Available everywhere

Arkane works on any browser and any device, allowing you to expand your funnel.

Full control over UX

You are completely in charge of the user experience to optimize your user conversion.

Exchange Service

We provide a fast and simple Exchange Service offering Fiat to Crypto and Crypto to Crypto trades.

Multi Blockchain Support

Nine available blockchains.Ethereum • Bitcoin • TRON • Aeternity • Gochain • NEO • Litecoin • VeChain • Matic

Multi-factor authentication

Authenticate using email or social. And improve security by enabling Two-factor authentication.

Recoverable wallets

Passwords and pin codes can be forgotten, Arkane offers users advanced recovery processes.


Security highest priority

Instead of assuming we are secure, we encourage Ethical hackers to battle test our defenses every single day!

Customer Support 

We provide a dedicated staging environment as well as customer support with a response time of 8 hrs.

Integrate in minutes

Nothing to change if your app already works with web3 and MetaMask. Learn more about our web3 provider.

Integrationin less than 5 minutes

Already supporting MetaMask? Then adding Arkane is a breeze with our Web3 provider.


Customer stories

Discover how our customers are using Arkane to create a better business.


Coin Stats uses Arkane White-Labeled services to provide its user base blockchain wallets and the tools they need to manage their cryptocurrency portfolio from the Coin Stats application.


0xGames uses Arkane to onboard any player to their game on Web and Mobile. Users own 0x game assets in their Arkane Wallet and can freely trade game assets on the marketplace. Next to this 0x Games uses Arkane to gain access to multiple blockchain ecosystems.


APMnet is an all-in-one platform for running energy cooperatives and energy communities. The Investment platform, retail energy platform and electricity exchange runs on blockchain and AmpNet uses Arkane to access the network.

Our Partners

We are proud of working with each of our partners as they gave us enough support to become one of the leading companies. Here’s a shortlist of those who have already seen the quality of our services in practice: