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Onboard your users with our wallet solutions

Chose for our widget or white-labeled API solution as your custody wallet provider to scale your business.

Our product

We provide you the tools needed to go from development to testing and finally to production


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Dev toolbox



Get started in 1,2,3

Seamless integration through our APIs

Start working instantly. Download one of the quick start examples and start coding straight away. Simple and easy.
Support web, mobile, and desktopAny type of application can be build using our APIs, a native mobile, web or desktop application, it even works on consoles.
Customizable based on your needsWe understand that every product is different, and has its own needs. Our APIs allow developers to integrate our services in the best way they see fit.

Integration in less than 5 minutes

Already supporting MetaMask? Then adding Arkane is a breeze with our Web3 provider.


Our features, your benefits

Implement Arkane and safely scale your user onboarding

Available everywhere

Arkane works on any browser and any device, allowing you to expand your funnel.

Full control over UX

You are completely in charge of the user experience to optimize your user conversion.

Exchange Service

We provide a fast and simple Exchange Service offering Fiat to Crypto and Crypto to Crypto trades.

Multi Blockchain Support

10 available blockchains.Ethereum, Bitcoin, MATIC, Binance Smart Chain, and many more 🎉

Multi-factor authentication

Authenticate using email or social. And improve security by enabling Two-factor authentication.

Recoverable wallets

Passwords and pin codes can be forgotten, Arkane offers users advanced recovery processes.


Security highest priority

Instead of assuming we are secure, we encourage Ethical hackers to battle test our defenses every single day!

Customer Support 

We provide a dedicated staging environment as well as customer support with a response time of 8 hrs.

Integrate in minutes

Nothing to change if your app already works with web3 and MetaMask. Learn more about our web3 provider.

Interested in our white-labeled API solution?

Request a quote based on the amount of wallets that you need.

White-labeled API solution

Get total freedom on UX and asset management

Recoverable wallets

Passwords and pin codes can be forgotten, Arkane offers users advanced recovery processes.

Dedicated Gas Station

Sponsor your users' blockchain fees and let them approve transactions in your app. Use blockchain without the need for crypto.

42 stat chart graph UI


Optimizing your business processes starts with collecting metrics. Arkane offers you insights into your consumption.