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We support you in exploring the wonderful world of blockchain

through an easy to use interface, packed with powerful features. And via our online support, a helping hand is always nearby.

Start working instantly

Don't waste time with complicated setups and hard-to-use tooling. Download one of the quickstart examples and start coding straight away. Simple and easy.

Support web, mobile and desktop

Any type of application can be build using our API solution, native mobile, or a regular web application, all without any special software requirements for your consumers.

Customizable based on your needs

We understand that every product is different, and has it's own needs. Our APIs allow developers to integrate our services in the best way they see fit, enriching the customer experience.

Strong, yet simple to use

With just a few lines of code your users will have the option of securing their digital assets via owning a blockchain wallet without leaving your platform. We take care of all the nitty gritty blockchain requirements so you can focus on your core business.
import ( ArkaneConnect ) from '@arkane-network/arkane-connect'; const arkaneConnect = new ArkaneConnect('APP_CLIENT_ID'); arkaneConnect.flows.getAccount('ETHEREUM').then((account) => { if (account.isAuthenticated) { console.log('wallets', account.wallets); } });

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What our clients say about Arkane
Sergey Kopov - Founder 0xGames
Sergey Kopov
Founder 0xGames
Arkane allows us to create web and mobile games for mainstream gamers on multiple blockchains. They also offer awesome support.
Narek Gevorgyan - CEO @ CoinStats
Narek Gevorgyan
CEO @ CoinStats
Arkane solves a real problem and gives me fresh insights to build more useful features on top of Coin Stats.
Jan Deruyck - Director @ In The Pocket
Jan Deruyck
Director @ In The Pocket
With Arkane we can build blockchain applications for our enterprise clients without becoming blockchain experts ourselves.