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NFT management

Monetize your game with blockchain services by creating NFTs from your digital game assets.
Arkane creates, manages and secures your digital game assets on our platform.

Trusted by growing companies in Gaming

Coin Stats
Aeternity Blockchain
NEO Blockchain
Matic Network

Guillaume Veldekens

CEO, CryptoPick

"Arkane allows users to easily create a wallet, purchase, and deposit funds while staying ultra-simple for the users."


Sebastien Borget

Co-founder, The Sandbox

"Arkane makes it really seamless to create a wallet and access The Sandbox gaming platform; without any prior knowledge of blockchain. "


Idon Liu

CEO, Ethermon

"One of the main reasons we are using Arkane is to make it easier for new players to sign up and start playing right away. Those new players are the ones we want to reach"


Gabriel Dizon

CEO, Altitude Games

"Gamers rightfully expect a smooth UX and ease of use with minimal friction. This makes Arkane the logical choice for Battle Racers"


Josh Richardson

Founder, Bamboo Relay

"Users can access their Arkane wallet on any of their devices, allow us to offer our users a more consistent user experience. "


Narek Gevorgyan

Founder, Coin Stats

"Arkane allowed us to create new revenue streams in our products and services which prepares us for a more digital future."


Sergey Kopov


Arkane allows us to create web and mobile games for mainstream gamers on multiple blockchains, additionally to providing awesome support for us and our players.


Mislav Javor

Founder, AMPnet

"Although we could build the Ampnet platform without blockchain, we wanted to be future proof. Arkane allows us to build the platform of tomorrow, today!"


George Tsagkarakis

Founder, Egamers

"Arkane lowers the gap of dapps adoption by simplifying the onboarding process for non-blockhainers. This is exactly what the industry needs."

Our solutions for todays problems


Low gas fees

With the current ETH price, gas fees for the creation and transaction of NFTs is no longer efficiënt. Our solution fixes this.


APIs for easy minting

Connect with our APIs and Unity blockchain Game SDK to easily mint your digital game assets into NFTs.


A Matic marketplace

Arkane is the only marketplace today that enables trading and auctions of NFTs on the Matic chain as well as Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain.

How it works

Defining your NFT contract

After choosing a plan and requesting your client ID here, you can define your token contract. Choosing your chain (Matic, BSC or Ethereum) and defining your token types adding metadata like images and descriptions to your NFTs.You can also automatically create your NFTs with our Unity plugin.

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NFT contract




Track and Trace

Our Unity Blockchain GSDK

Convert your digital game assets into NFTs in no time with our Unity Blockchain Game SDK.


Benefit from our +75k active users on our Market and Wallet services

Join an ecosystem of +75k gamers and sell your NFTs on our Market. Get dedicated support and access to mainstream gamers as we support fiat payouts.

Our features, your benefits

Multi Blockchain Support

3 blockchains are supported on our Market.Ethereum, MATIC, Binance Smart Chain.

Multi-factor authentication

Authenticate using email or social. And improve security by enabling Two-factor authentication.

Recoverable wallets

Passwords and pin codes can be forgotten, Arkane offers users advanced recovery processes.


Security highest priority

Instead of assuming we are secure, we encourage Ethical hackers to battle test our defenses every single day!

Customer and video support 

We provide a dedicated staging environment as well as customer support with a response time of 8 hrs. You'll also get access to our tutorial videos.

Integrate in minutes

We have a Unity plugin that is ready to be implemented as Blockchain GSDK.

Our Partners

We are proud of working with each of our partners as they gave us the support to become one of the leading companies in blockchain.
Especially our gold and silver partners, which offer the highest level of a collaborative relationship and company customer care with Arkane.