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Secure monetisation service for building open ecosystems

Build decentralized gaming worlds without a single line of blockchain code.


Benefit from security, trust, and transparency

Focusing on the problems with the current traditional video game industry, blockchain integration will revolutionize the game industry.

No worries, Arkane is developer friendly

Developers can use our Unity SDK or directly connect with our APIs. Detailed documentation is available, written by and for developers.No blockchain knowledge is required. We handle everything for you.



Our features are your benefits.

New Crowdfunding Model

Create your gaming assets in advance and offer them to players as backer rewards and by doing so, turn backers into ambassadors.


Recapture Lost Revenue

Earn money through transfer fees when your game assets are traded or sold on third-party marketplaces.

Prove Item Scarcity

Offer transparency regarding item scarcity to guarantee your in-game assets and collectibles are as rare as you claim.


Cross-platform Inventory

Increasing the usability and value of your ecosystem by using one inventory service that works on Mobile, Web, Desktop, and Console.

Grow Your Community

Gamify your marketing, launch powerful innovative promotional campaigns by offering in-game assets in exchange for online engagement.


Extra features

Make use of our extra features and improve your game even further.

Improve player retention

By offering players true ownership of their game items you increase trust and improve the community of your ecosystem.

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Start to build a game asset-based community by enabling players to use and level up their characters and items across different games.


Reducing Fraud

1 out of 8 virtual items is lost to fraud. With the cost of chargebacks and failed transactions that are billions in lost revenue per year.

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Optimizing your game processes starts with collecting metrics. Arkane's Inventory provides insights into asset usage and consumption.

Customer Support 

We provide a dedicated staging environment as well as customer support with a response time of 8 hrs.

Integrate in minutes

If you are using Unity as your development tool then integrating our inventory is a matter of minutes.