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Limited edition Christmas NFT

The Christmas campaign🌲 has ended.
We are currently baking and packaging the Gingerbread cookies. Soon you will receive an email with a link to your Arkane Wallet containing the limited NFT 🙌🏼 . 
Don't forget to try out the the recipe.


Binance x Arkane x BCA

Our mission at Arkane, is to help gaming companies onboard new users and unlock new revenue streams thanks to blockchain.For Xmas 2020 we created a limited edition NFT, we'll send 50,000 of them to all the players in our ecosystem and those who redeemed one via the form above. Hope you enjoy it, and hope to see it popping up somewhere soon in your virtual space. Happy Christmas.
The NFT was designed by BCA studio, an awesome marketplace for NFT artists and distributed on the Binance Smart Chain with the support of Binance.

Merry Christmask & a virus free New Year

From the Arkane team