Matic Progress Report - Phase 2

Vulcan Forged integrates Arkane Network to onboard new users with blockchain wallets on VeChain.

Vulcan Forged is a game studio behind several blockchain games as well as a NFT dApp ecosystem and marketplace.
One of their games, VulcanVerse is a fantasy virtual world made up of unique pieces of land using blockchain technology where users can explore, build, play, buy, sell and interact.
Other games like Vulcanites make it possible for gamers to battle against each other in a fantasy card-card collectibles (NFTs) game.
All games are built on the VeChainThor blockchain and enable users to integrate smart contracts to create events and provide services for others. Making Vulcan Forged the second busiest contract on VeChain, after Walmart.
Vulcan Forged, being a NFT dApp ecosystem, is also accepting erc-20/other blockchain tokens in its games, working seamlessly with the Arkane Wallets.
With the Arkane integration, Vulcan Forged will be able to attract gamers from the Arkane ecosystem as well as non-crypto savvy gamers, by empowering them with blockchain wallets on VeChain.
Arkane is a blockchain agnostic project, supporting NFTs and other assets on different chains. This is why Arkane is able to service gamers on different blockchains as well as VeChain.
“Arkane was hands-down the best solution for our upcoming cross-chain solutions and needs for in-game wallet set-up and functionality. With Arkane we can open our games and marketplace to other chains and allow users to create and manage their wallets from simple one-click setups” — Jamie, CEO of Vulcan Forged
Also interested in adding the Arkane services to you dApp or blockchain game? Contact us here.