Matic Progress Report - Phase 2

IOI corporation comes to the Arkane Market with exclusive Trade Race Manager NFTs.

IOI corporation, a blockchain game development studio, successfully launched their first game, Trade Race Manager. To celebrate the launch, IOI-games will sell exclusive NFTs on the Arkane Market on Wednesday 31.3. at 15:00 CET.
With Trade Race Manager you can manage your cars in virtual races and use your trading strategy as your fuel to win limited NFTs and IOI coins. You can also buy the NFTs to optimize your chances for winning races. Collect and stake your cars to get unlimited rewards or unlock the ultra rare limited NFTs.
Soon, you'll also be able to login to the game with your Arkane Wallet and store your IOI coins and NFTs there. To sell your Trade Race Manager NFTs or buy from peers, you'll be able to simply login to the Arkane Market with you Arkane account.
You can then choose to list your (Polygon, previously Matic) NFTs as a regular sale or an auction. The Arkane Market focusses on the Gaming ecosystem and has now more than 100,000 users playing blockchain games connected to Arkane.
"We consider Arkane an essential part of our infrastructure. This team created something special with their market and payment options including paypal. It is an honor to work with Arkane and build future products together." Rastislav Bakala, CEO IOI corporation.
Enjoy hunting your precious Trace Race Manager NFTs by the end of March, and good luck with your races!