Matic Progress Report - Phase 2

Splinterlands integrates with Arkane Network to onboard new users with blockchain wallets.

Splinterlands is a trading card that uses blockchain technology to allow gamers to play anytime, trade anytime, and earn every win. The game has been played 40M times with over 100k matches per day. Players buy cards, battle, and earn tradable prizes.
With the Arkane integration, Splinterlands strengthens its position as a mainstream blockchain game. Attracting gamers from the Arkane ecosystem as well as non-crypto savvy gamers.
Just like Arkane, Splinterlands is a blockchain agnostic project, supporting NFTs and other assets on different chains. This is where Arkane and Splinterlands form a great match to service gamers.
Another nifty feature of Arkane enables gamers to send NFTs via email to peers, via the Ethereum chain. Recipients will be able to redeem those automatically and in any kind of wallet on Arkane.
“Our main objective at Splinterlands is to be the first blockchain game to reach the mainstream. To do this we believe it's important that users are able to sign up as if the tool is web 2.0 with just an email account and a password, but recognize the benefits of web 3.0 that blockchain enables like trading and permissions. Arkane is a wonderful addition to the site to facilitate web 2.0 sign up and web 3.0 advantages.” - Dr. Jesse “aggroed” Reich CEO of Splinterlands