Matic Progress Report - Phase 2

NFT Bank integrates with Arkane Network to become the ultimate hub for NFT finance and portfolio management. is currently becoming the ultimate hub for NFT finance and portfolio management. It provides fundamental indicators and stats to help NFT collectors make an informed decision for the whole life cycling of obtaining, managing and selling NFTs. NFT Bank will soon offer a variety of NFT finance products such as P2P NFT collateralized loans and insurance programs.
With the integration of Arkane wallet in NFT bank, users will be able to see and track all NFT stored in the Arkane wallets. Arkane has over 60k active users that are using its wallet services for gaming purposes like storing game NFTs.
“We are delighted to partner with Arkane and join its great ecosystem. Arkane is providing a cutting-edge solution for integrating crypto wallets and a seamless user experience to users without prior crypto knowledge. We believe that Arkane is truly innovating the blockchain by solving the crucial pain point and bottlenecks” - Daniel, a founder & Chief data scientist at NFTBank