Matic Progress Report - Phase 2

99% of Mainstream Users Don’t Have
a Blockchain Wallet.

Many people and companies have heard about blockchain technology and understand it has significant benefits, such as improving payment systems, automating procedures, as well as immutably storing, transferring and tracking data in real-time.
Most companies are not sure how to effectively implement blockchain in their own business without either developing a deeper knowledge of a somewhat esoteric technology or hiring expensive blockchain specialists with that specific skill set.
In addition to this, 99% of the mass-consumer market does not yet have a blockchain wallet. Both of these issues restrict the potential growth, expansion, and profitability of a company’s product or service. Because the innovative technology is vastly superior to existing applications in many respects, those who have the capacity to adapt and scale it will be the ones who will build a strategic advantage in the years to come.

Three ERC721 non fungibles on Matic

Arkane provides solutions to this evolutionary hurdle, for both consumers, and for service providers. At its core, Arkane is a user-friendly, multi-chain digital wallet which means that it is a single web application that can support a variety of crypto-assets from a single interface.
An Arkane wallet is managed and operated in a very similar fashion as an online web banking app. Transfers can be made between different wallets just the same as if you were transferring money between accounts - with the click of a button and a 6-digit pin code.
As opposed to the majority of other digital wallets that are somewhat exotic and complex, the process of using Arkane Network is succinct, with no need to externally store and manage several long cryptographic passwords nor a need to shift between each wallet’s individual UI.

Three ERC721 non fungibles on Matic

Arkane supports multiple blockchains, all of the supported blockchain ecosystems can be used, strengthened and integrated by one another. So far nine different blockchains are supported including Ethereum, Bitcoin, TRON, NEO, and Matic. This means that any application built upon or integrated with Arkane will be able to utilize all of these network’s features and tap into each community.