Matic Progress Report - Phase 2

First collectible NFTs on the Arkane Market, from the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art.

On February 8th, the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art (MoCDA) launched its online exhibition: Abstract Art in the Age of New Media. The show results from a cross-disciplinary project developed in partnership with University College London (UCL) and Hobs 3D to improve scientific knowledge around space and aesthetics. 
To celebrate this online exhibition the 20th of February, MoCDA decided to release 100 digital versions of the exhibition poster in NFT at an initial price of $25 (25 credits). It's the first time that MoCDA is doing something with blockchain technology. The NFT also unlocks a printable version of the poster. The featured artwork on the poster is called Tabula Rasa, created by David Young in 2020.
"We're very excited to be the first digital art gallery exploring the world of NFTs. This is also the first time ever that an exhibition poster is minted into a digital collectible, which makes us feel very special at MoCDA. Thanks to the help from Arkane, blockchain is more accessible then ever for organizations like ours" Serena Tabacchi, curator Abstract Art in the Age of New Media Digital Art Exhibition at MoCDA.
The NFTs will be released in small batches over the coming days on the Arkane Market. The last ones will be auctioned there as well. For Arkane, those will be the first NFTs under the category collectibles. After successfully launching game assets with Battle Racers in February, and collectibles from MoCDA, Arkane Market will also soon be launching art NFTs.
Application form for artists can be found on the website.