Matic Progress Report - Phase 2

Minting 3.800 NFTs for Xmas: our stats for the Xmas campaign with Binance.

On December 17th we launched a special NFT campaign for Xmas to celebrate our partnership with Binance Smart Chain 🎅🏼. All participants were able to redeem a free NFT designed bij BCA Studio representing a Gingerbread Man. Fun fact, that NFT was also a recipe with the ingredients as properties.
We didn’t expect this to be such a success, as 3.800 participants subscribed on our Arkane landing page to receive the NFT. Therefore we wanted to share some stats about the campaign on Binance Smart Chain:
🌲 Campaign stats:● Time that the campaign was live: 1 week● Unique landing page visits: 8.403● #Subscribers: 3.800 = amount of NFTs created● #New BSC wallets created: 3.400
🤤 Costs:● Minting of all the NFTs: 2,1 BNB● Sending all NFTs via BSC: 1,8 BNB (57$ at that time)● Cost per transaction: 0,017$
Needless to say that Binance Smart Chain was a very cost-efficient network to organise this campaign. Another cool stat, during our campaign we created 0,7% of all BSC wallets created that week 🚀.Oh, and for those that want to know how many Gingerbread Men were actually baked, our research department counted 26.738.290 of them 😬.
Interested in doing a similar campaign? Or to airdrop NFTs to our +75k active users? Let us know! Happy to help.