Matic Progress Report - Phase 2

Arkane’s Unity plugin is now live for game developers to create NFTs on Matic.

The Unity plugin is now live on Arkane’s Matic wallets. Game developers can create NFTs, publish in-game items from Unity straight to Matic, and use social logins like Google and Facebook to automatically create a Matic wallet. Arkane Network abstracts traditionally complex Blockchain signup flows, allowing gamers without prerequisite blockchain and cryptocurrency knowledge to play Matic powered games while still enjoying all the benefits of blockchain, like play-to-earn.
Unity is the most popular game development engine used by game studios. With the release of the Arkane Unity plugin for Matic, game developers can publish their in-game items from within Unity straight to the Matic blockchain without any knowledge of smart contracts or transaction handling.
Moreover, thanks to the integration of Arkane wallets, gamers can sign on to their favorite games with their social logins like Google, Facebook or Twitter and automatically get a new Matic wallet, linked to the game, where their assets are safely stored.
To make it even better, the ERC-1155 smart contracts add support for gas stations, so gamers even don’t need any knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrencies to play Matic or Ethereum powered games while still enjoying all the benefits of blockchain.
“Matic is rapidly becoming the go-to platform for Gaming and NFT Dapps, and Arkane Wallet is an incredibly powerful service in the arsenals of developers. The integration of Unity, one of the most popular game development engines will usher in supercharged gaming applications and innovations.” - Arun Philips, Marketing Matic Network
“At Arkane we feel it is hugely important to break down barriers to entry. We’ve seen how difficult it is to embrace blockchain technology that we cannot just expect everyone to change how they develop software today and use such an innovative technology like blockchain to automate value transactions. Game developers use Unity to create digital (game) assets and we should make it easy for them to embrace new technologies. Matic is solving another important challenge, namely making blockchain scalable so that businesses can rely on the technology infrastructure.” - Tim Dierckxsens, Co-founder & CEO Arkane

The benefits of the Arkane Unity plugin for game developers using Matic blockchain.
The Unity plugin allows game developers to manage in-game items as blockchain assets compatible with Ethereum and Matic. The plugin is a complete wrapper around Arkane Network's Web API. The tool simplifies integration with Arkane API exposing all features and functions to C# classes and includes Editor extensions to aid in design and deployment of Contracts and Tokens.
See more in Arkane’s ​Matic manual​.
● Create your in-game assets on the Matic blockchain and use them as scriptable objects in your game.● Visually edit your NFT contracts and NFTs with the Arkane Manager window.● Deploy new contracts and tokens to the Arkane Network backend services from within● the editor.● Read existing Contracts and Tokens from the Arkane Network backend creating the● related scriptable objects automatically.● Read your gamer’s wallets and update token quantities owned by your gamers at run● time (like an inventory system where tokens are items).● Mint new tokens to a user’s wallet at runtime.
For more information on the Arkane Unity plugin, ​contact​ the Arkane team 
About Matic
Matic is a developer-first hybrid POS+Plasma sidechain on top of Ethereum, enabling Ethereum developers to scale their DApps for large scale usage.
Matic is rapidly becoming the go-to Layer 2 Solution for developers, thanks to secure, scalable and instant transactions, secured by Ethereum. There are 70+ Dapps building on Matic, ranging from DeFi Protocols to thrilling games and prediction markets.