Matic Progress Report - Phase 2

Lootex partners with Arkane to sell NFTs on the Arkane Market.

Lootex makes it possible for brands and companies to explore new business models with custom NFTs. This by creating, managing and selling custom NFTs tailored to their needs. All this will be done through smart contracts in a simple process without risk.
Lootex partnered with Arkane for the NFT minting, easy wallet and Marketplace services. With Arkane as tech provider, Lootex will be able to scale the selling and peer-to-peer NFT exchange process via the
Arkane Market.

Another advantage of this partnership is that Lootex will implement Arkane's easy wallet solution for the buyers of those NFTs. Buyers are automatically linked to a personal and secure wallet when making an account on the Arkane Market. But they can also transfer NFTs via email to themselves or peers, automatically creating an account for that email adres.

"We have been building comprehensive NFT solutions for enterprises for a long time and are well aware of the pain points of the general public to enter the blockchain world. Arkane Market and Arkane Wallet have a user-friendly interface that significantly lowers the barrier to entry for the general public. We are happy to recommend Arkane's solutions to our brand customers to help them get started faster!" Justine Lu, Co-founder & CEO from Lootex

Arkane Network focuses on the mainstream adoption of NFTs with scalable and easy to implement technology, like social login for the Wallet services. Partnering with Lootex makes a lot of sense, as they are true disruptors, guiding brands and organizations in this new era of digital assets.

The first NFTs coming from Lootex's clients will be available on the market are "The 100 Peaks of Taiwan Badge Project''. The project selects 100 peaks of Taiwan with a height of more than 3,000 meters and with the characteristics of wonder, danger, steepness and beauty. Lootex hopes to bring the memories of the mountains back to the city and stored on blockchain to keep the memories forever.