How to move on blockchain without changing how you work today

Over the past few years, we've heard a lot about Blockchain technology and how it will change our way of working but there are still only a few tangible real-world applications.

Don't be fooled by the appearance of not having live applications because you'll be caught off guard! It really is time to look into using Blockchain technology within your business.

Why Now?

Deloitte conducted a survey with 1300+ industry leaders and the results confirm that most leaders are shifting towards the implementation of a Blockchain-based solution over the continued maintenance of legacy systems.


The promise of blockchain explained

Over the years we've learned that we're already producing more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day and that blockchain promises to bring transparency, trust, and security to the information we create.

the technology helps to:

● authenticate information and battle fake news,● protect data from hacking & cyber attacks,● connect different stakeholders to a single data source, used for the right reason and context,● track and trace items through the supply chain,● prove ownership and facilitate trade.

While the industry leaders are seeing the value of implementing Blockchain, almost 60% of them do not have the in-house expertise to leverage blockchain technology within their business systems.

In the end, we have to keep in mind that blockchain is 'just' a technology. It should help us build better businesses for our society today and not completely change how we do business.

At Arkane we challenged the status quo and have broken down the barriers to leverage with blockchain.

Prepare your business for a digital future with blockchain

Simplify the development of your blockchain-related product or service, and focus on improving your business by plugging into the power of blockchain. Use blockchain for your own needs. It doesn't matter whether you want to:

● register data and digital assets on a blockchain network● build a marketplace, a loyalty system or asset management platform● seamlessly integrate with your current product stack● build trust in a trustless environment● scale faster and more efficiently

We've got you covered!

ARKANE gives your business easy access to blockchain technology and the tools to onboard any user to your web or mobile applications, without the need of external blockchain plugins or extensions. Any developer can build products with the power of blockchain as the platform includes a suite of tools, features, frameworks, and APIs to speed up your work as a developer.

Prepare for a digital future and start building blockchain apps for mainstream adoption or if you are already building with blockchain and facing challenges? Share your challenge and we contact you shortly to talk in more detail.