Matic Progress Report - Phase 2

How Arkane supports Layer 2 solution, Matic Network

Since Arkane is a development platform used to connect to several blockchains and create user-friendly dapps, we constantly talk to dapp developers and try to solve some of the issues they are facing, one of which is slow and expensive transactions. By partnering with Matic Network we are able to offer our customers better tooling so they can improve their own products. Since a partnership always works in both directions we like to share with you what we’ve done so far to help the adoption of, what we consider the best Layer 2 solution currently on the market, Matic Network.
Spoiler alert: Competition inside 🎊
Step 1: Basic SupportAdding general support for the Matic sidechain. Meaning running our own Matic nodes and integration the basic Matic logic into our development tools, API, and in our end-user interface.
Step 2: Matic sidechain ERC20 tokensNext, we created the necessary code to be able to trace and detect ERC20 tokens on the Matic sidechain, so that our users always have a clear view on which tokens are on the Ethereum mainnet and which are active on the Matic sidechain. (Watch a demo)
Step 3: Matic non-fungible tokens (ERC721)The largest milestone we faced was to support NFTs on the Matic sidechain. Allowing dapps and users to move NFTs from the Ethereum mainnet to the Matic sidechains and still be able to keep the overview in our wallet. We are glad to say we are the first, and still the only wallet that is able to do so. (Watch a demo)
Step 4: Becoming a validator nodeDue to the good relationship between the Matic project and our own, we have been given the opportunity to become one of the first validator nodes, helping them in launching their decentralized mainnet.
Step 5: Supporting business developmentBecause we offer a multichain development tool, we often get asked which chains are the best or what chain would fit their needs. So we are happy to recommend Matic to anyone that is looking for a close connection with Ethereum but still benefit from cheap and fast transactions.
🎊 Competition — 10 lucky winners get $20 in $MATIC 🎊To celebrate our progress, together with Matic we’ve organized a small competition. Anyone who successfully swaps ETH for MATIC in Arkane will get a chance to win $20 in Matic tokens. Randomly 10 lucky winners will be selected. Competition starts Tuesday the 26th of May and ends on Sunday the 31th of May â–¶ï¸ Tutorial: How to swap ETH for MATIC ⬅️
What brings the futureAs far as Arkane is concerned this is just the beginning of hopefully a long and mutually beneficial partnership. We have more product improvements planned in our roadmap and are looking forward to diving deeper not only into the Matic technology but also into the ecosystem.