Feature release 2020-03

We are back with a small update. Missed the previous feature release 😮? No worries here is a direct link.

As the rest of the world, we are also impacted by Covid-19. Circumstances forced all of us to work 100% remotely and adapt our existing processes. But as the famous soccer player Johan Cruijff once said

"Each downside has its upside."

Since new features take a lot of communication and synchronization within a development team, we've decided to use this special time to focus on squashing bugs.

🔸Resending and canceling transactions

Several of our users complained of transactions not being processed. This was related to a too low gas price, set by an application or by the user, which lead to transactions not being picked up by miners. To mitigate this blockade we now allow users to resubmit their transaction with a higher gas price, or if they want, to cancel their initial transaction.


It is worth mentioning that in the latest Ethereum fork the block difficulty has been reduced and block times have been shorter. Resulting in a higher chance that low gas transactions will be picked up by miners.

🔸Performance improvements

We keep on making small changes that benefit the overall performance of our platform. In this release, we have reduced the size of packages that a user has to download to use our web application. This results in an improved First Contentful Paint (FCP) and Time to Interactive (TTI)

🔸Squashing bugs

As mentioned in the introduction, this update is packed with bug fixes, across several of our components. Here is a list of fixes we've just rolled out.


🔸Before you go

Getting started with Arkane
Are you new to Arkane or considering starting to use blockchain technology? You can choose to get all your questions answered with one of our customer champions.

Request a featureAre you missing a feature that would make your life much easier, or do you have an awesome idea, please let us know! We are always looking to improve our product based on customer feedback. If enough people request your feature our development will get to work 🏗.