Customer Spotlight: SafeTech


SafeTech is a company focused on providing social solutions through the use of blockchain technology. Their main products are ThorBlock, Inheriti, and ThorPay. 
ThorBlock is a crowdfunding platform where communities can pool resources to achieve a common shared goal. One of the latest campaigns was dedicated to helping restore Australia's wildlife. 

Inheriti is a platform that provides an answer to how your loved ones and partners would gain proper access to your digital legacy when you are gone. An important question to ask and to prepare for. 

ThorPay, a fintech application for facilitating mass, fast, secure and reliable blockchain payments with a focus on medium to larger enterprises.


Teaming up with Arkane

SafeTech's long vision is to evolve its products to be able to address a more mainstream market as well as reach out to other blockchain communities. To be able to achieve those goals they require to connect their services to other blockchains and have their services available to anyone, anywhere.
By teaming up with Arkane, SafeTech is able to write code once and connect it to 9 different ecosystems, without having to worry about the differences between blockchains and their infrastructure. 

Arkane allows SafeTech to develop its inheritance interface in such a way anyone is able to use it.