Customer Spotlight: CryptoPick

Are you a bear or a bull? CryptoPick allows you to see how well you can predict the direction of the crypto markets by competing with other players and earn some Pickies while doing so.
When you participate in a bet you use pickies that are added to the prize pool and after the bet is closed and the direction of the markets is clear, the prize pool is shared among the winners.

CryptoPick also allows you to participate in a single bet and in tournaments where you place multiple bets over a couple of days.


Why CryptoPick is using Arkane

We let the CryptoPick team explain it themselves:
At CryptoPick we were looking for a wallet that our users could use to simply deposit/withdraw funds and first implemented MetaMask. Soon we understood that the majority of our users needed a user-friendly wallet where they could also purchase crypto with fiat. This led us to implement Arkane because users can easily create a wallet with their social logins, deposit funds, or even purchase funds directly on it and deposit it to CryptoPick.

Another reason we have chosen Arkane is that it's not just another wallet to store crypto. Arkane can do much more than that (i.e. interact with any Token/NFT) while staying ultra-simple for the users. Soon we will swap our game currency (Pickies) into tokens and we also plan to transform our skins into NFT's (Non-Fungible Tokens) without all of this being a hassle for our users so Arkane is the perfect fit.