Customer spotlight : Coin Stats

Customer Spotlight: Coin Stats

Coin Stats

Coin Stats is a US-based company that provides a feature-rich, user-friendly crypto tracking service that allows you to easily manage your crypto portfolio.
The first version of the app was released in the App Store in Summer 2017, in the meantime, more than 500,000 active users are managing their crypto holdings through the Coin Stats platform. Currently, over $3.5 Billion in Ethereum is being tracked by Coin Stats users.

In their latest release, they added the option to buy and trade cryptocurrencies directly from within their platform, all safely stored on a Coin Stats wallet.

Quote from Narek Gevorgyan, founder of Coin Stats

Teaming up with Arkane

Coin Stats is one of Arkane's first customers, they started to use our wallet service as it was a perfect fit to hold assets across multiple chains. Since Coin Stats is mainly used on mobile devices, being device-independent was of the utmost importance. While Arkane is evolving and adding new services so is Coin Stats, in its latest release they've added the option to buy and trade a plethora of cryptocurrencies while storing them in their own Coin Stats wallets, features Arkane is helping to make possible.