Customer Spotlight: Bamboo Relay

Bamboo Relay is a decentralized exchange (DEX), or more precisely a "relayer for decentralized protocols", that launched in 2017. Powered by blockchain projects such as 0x for trading, leveraging on-chain protocols such as Chainlink to power stop-limit orders, and bZx for margin and lending. Built upon the Ethereum blockchain. Their mission is to empower users to take control of their destiny and demolish barriers such as intermediaries and rent-seekers.


How Bamboo Relay is using Arkane

Bamboo Relay wanted to offer its users a more friendly and consistent user experience, such as providing cross-device wallets, where a user can use the same wallet on mobile as well as on desktop.

By supporting Arkane we not only can improve our product, we also get access to their network and community

Josh Richardson, Founder Bamboo Relay

Additionally, they were interested to attract a larger audience, one that is less tech-savvy but is interested in trading blockchain assets, but felt that the existing wallets were not tailored for a more mainstream audience.
After reviewing Arkane, and getting to know some of our features such as wallets that work on any device, private key management, and an embedded fiat gateway, it quickly became obvious that the Arkane wallets were a perfect fit to meet the needs of Bamboo Relay. Especially as the integration of Arkane wallets was a breeze with web3
Here is a small video showcasing how Bamboo Relay was able to create a very nice user-friendly connection with Arkane. You see how an Arkane user is automatically connecting and signing in to Bamboo Relay.