Customer Spotlight: AMPnet


AMPnet, a Croatia-based company, active in the energy market, is offering a white-label, all-in-one platform for running energy cooperatives and energy communities. AMPnet consists of an investment platform for running renewable energy crowdfunding campaigns, a retail energy platform to issue bills, track consumption and manage subscribers of an electric utility, and an electricity exchange to sell excess electricity on regulated electricity exchanges and leverage licensed brokers to manage trades.


Teaming up with Arkane

AMPnet is using the Aeternity blockchain to enable each cooperative to run its business fully independent while retaining effortless transactions with partner coops. They've chosen Arkane as a tech provider to act as their gateway to the Aeternity ecosystem. We provide them with Aeternity based wallets and take care of all the security and required blockchain infrastructure, allowing them to focus on their core business.


Arkane provides AMPnet the following benefits

● Access to the Aeternity Blockchain● Wallet management● Offloading asset security● Transaction processing