Customer Spotlight: 0xGames


0xGames, a Cyprus based game studio, specializes in using blockchain to build games with an open economy. So far they've released 2 titles 0xUniverse and 0xWarriors. A third game 0xRacers is currently in Alpha and a fourth title has already been announced, 0xBattleships.

0xGames distinguishes itself from other players on the market by pushing the boundaries of an open ecosystem and exposing their games to five different blockchain ecosystems. Players can play, collect, own and trade their game items.

The expectations are that 0x Games will further embrace the concept of a multiverse economy and allow items from one game to play an active role in other games. For example, Spaceships created in 0xuniverse can be used within 0xBattleships.


Teaming up with Arkane

0xGames vision of an open gaming economy made Arkane the perfect partner. By integrating Arkane they got one set of APIs which gave them access to up to nine blockchains. It also allowed them to build a native mobile version of their game, without forcing their players to install any additional software. They were the first mobile game in the app stores that we natively using blockchain technology in combination with user-owned blockchain wallets.