Matic Progress Report - Phase 2

Cryptopick is live on the Arkane Market, dropping exclusive NFTs soon.

Another great game joins the Arkane Market and will be releasing exclusive NFTs soon. CryptoPick, a PvP trading platform with over 27,000 players, where you directly compete with or against other users. The game aims to reward players for making predictions while unlocking valuable trading insights. They host games and tournaments where players compete against each other to earn ETH, Pickies, and NFTs. Playing CryptoPick is a simple way to develop and test your trading skills, earn your first crypto, and grab your first non-fungible token without risking anything.
The NFTs, CryptoPick claws serve to customize your avatar in the game, and soon they will have several utilities like boosts in the game and voting power in the CryptoPick DAO . You can buy parts in the CryptoPick shop, going from common parts to mythic parts. The genesis drop ended on February 28th and was already a huge success.

Arkane Market serves as a secondary marketplace for CryptoPick’s users and a primary marketplace for exclusive NFTs offered by CryptoPick. Soon you’ll be able to buy those exclusive NFTs with your credits. Today, you’re already able to trade your CryptoPick NFTs on the market.

“We partnered up with Arkane because they offer the most convenient and flexible way to integrate a blockchain layer into our project. Using their tools, it becomes a piece of cake to create and interact with smart contracts, thus resulting in a smooth and intuitive user experience for our players. Arkane being blockchain agnostic makes us future proof, which is great peace of mind. On top of all that, it’s a pleasure to work with them!” Guillaume, Founder CryptoPick.
The NFTs are on the Polygon (previously Matic) Network and can be stored in your Arkane Matic Wallet and offered on the Market by login in with your Arkane account.
So get ready for the drop, and enjoy playing CryptoPick with your awesome personalized claws!