Matic Progress Report - Phase 2

bountyblok partners with Arkane to automate prize distribution

bountyblok has partnered with Arkane to extend their service offering to their customers. The bountyblok platform gives companies the tools they need to create fun and easy ways to motivate and promote user engagement.
Enterprises use the bountyblok platform to create custom tasks, challenges and competitions that work within their own product and service where the bountyblok system then tracks the user’s progress, completed challenges and earned achievements. The system provides a leaderboard with top performers who are rewarded with custom prizes set by the company.
While bountyblok has made it easy for companies to develop these fun and meaningful challenges, there hasn’t been an easy way for them to distribute the prizes that are frequently set as a reward to engage those users. This is where Arkane comes in.
Businesses can now add an Arkane Wallet to the bountyblok platform which allows them to (automatically) distribute these rewards to the top performers when tasks or challenges are marked as completed.
How it worksHere is a short video showcasing how to integrate an Arkane wallet to bountyblok. Note, customers that don’t have an Arkane wallet can either import an existing wallet into Arkane or create a new wallet and top it up easily through our Fiat-to-Crypto Gateway.
Interested in knowing more about Arkane's Wallet service? Contact us.