Matic Progress Report - Phase 2

Biconomy and Arkane collaborate to provide a one-stop-shop DApp development infrastructure for web 3 developers

We are excited to announce that Biconomy and Arkane Network are partnering to offer holistic development services of blockchain and DApp infrastructure.
While decentralized applications are becoming more user-friendly in recent years, there are still many pain points in both user and developer experience. Biconomy and Arkane offer different yet highly complementary services that tackle the pain of onboarding new users (non-crypto natives) in a smooth and seamless way.
Why partner together?Arkane’s API-platform provides developers a framework to build blockchain-based applications and onboard any user with the custodial solutions offered within the platform. Biconomy enhances Arkane’s offering with its secure and scalable relayer infrastructure and gas stations that make the user and developer experience to a new level, allowing end-users to use DApps easily and save developers valuable hours of development time.
Via its plug and play SDKs and APIs, Biconomy already has placed the tools, support, and infrastructure to remove crypto complexities related to end-user experience in a DApp, such as procuring crypto to pay for the gas, high gas fees, stuck/failed transactions and users needing to have prior knowledge of crypto. Since Arkane is supporting apps that utilize blockchain and crypto for the mainstream (and not only the crypto savvy), it is integral to provide a seamless user experience that is comparable, if not better than the Web 2 experience.
DApps using Arkane will be able to use Biconomy’s relayer infrastructure to solve issues related to:
● Gasless transactions● Gas Optimisation● Transaction Management and Ordering● Browser Wallet support● Transaction Analytics
About Biconomy:At Biconomy, our mission is to make next-generation technologies simple to use. We are building a smart relayer infrastructure network for blockchain transactions that reduces the friction between applications built on the blockchain and the end-users. Biconomy’s relayer network comprises a suite of SDKs and APIs that simplify the DApp development process for developers as well as abstracting many of the blockchain complexities, vastly enhancing the end-user experience for DApps and wallets.
Website: https://biconomy.ioTwitter: