Matic Progress Report - Phase 2

Adding Arkane to your Dapp in under 5 minutes using Web3

In order to make it easier for Ethereum, or more precisely EVM based, applications to support Arkane, we've introduced a web3 wrapper, allowing apps to send default web3 calls to Arkane. 
Since Arkane is able to generate wallets for your users it allows your Dapp to service not only MetaMask users but also mainstream people who are unfamiliar with blockchain and digital assets.
And that is not all, by loading the wrapper you immediately get all the extra functionalities Arkane is offering, such as wallet creation and management, multi-chain access, token swaps, and much more.
So if your dapp already supports MetaMask, you can add support for Arkane in just 2 easy steps
1. Load the library 2. Add the web3 wrapperDone
The web3 instance now works as if it was injected by parity or MetaMask. You can fetch wallets or sign transactions and messages.
Curious how that looks like from a user point of view? Then have a look at the video below, where we have a small demo.

For the developers among us, who of course are looking for more code snippets, here is a direct link to our technical documentation.

An ERC721 on Matic with meta-data