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We support you in exploring the wonderful world of blockchain

through an easy to use interface, packed with powerful features. And via our online support, a helping hand is always nearby.


With Arkane accessing your digital treasures is as easy as signing in using one of your social accounts and creating a new blockchain address is just one single click away.

Never lose your treasures

Protecting your digital valuables is our top proirity. Not only is security implemented in different levels of our solution, our system is also 24/7 tested by ethical hackers.

A single page of access

A single place of access. One account to manage all your digital items across several blockchains, accessible from any device, anywhere.

All of your digital assets in one place

One account for all of your assets, across all devices

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What our clients say about Arkane
Jurgen Schouppe - CTO @ Safe Haven
Jurgen Schouppe
CTO @ Safe Haven
Thanks to Arkane we were able to build Thorblock faster and make it a user-friendly pooling service with a built-in Vechain wallet.
Narek Gevorgyan - CEO @ CoinStats
Narek Gevorgyan
CEO @ CoinStats
Arkane solves a real problem and gives me fresh insights to build more useful features on top of Coin Stats.
Jan Deruyck - Director @ In The Pocket
Jan Deruyck
Director @ In The Pocket
With Arkane we can build blockchain applications for our enterprise clients without becoming blockchain experts ourselves.